My name is Farheen. I have a degree in English and am quite a book snob. I took a class in late 2009 on the works of J.D. Salinger, an author I hated with intense fervor. I was surprised to find I enjoyed some of his work and a story called “Teddy” inspired the name of this blog. For more details, see “Why ‘Orange Peels’? The Explanation”.

In June and July of 2010, I was lucky enough to go to Pakistan to visit with my family. I had been there several times before but this time, due to the political climate and the availability of technology and social media, I was able to keep people who care about me apprised of what I was experiencing. Truly, the response to the emails/ Facebook notes I wrote on that trip was the beginning of this blog, in that people really expressed to me that they wanted to know what I was experiencing. It is for that reason, I am republishing what I wrote then under “Pakistan Episodes”.

Other facts about me include that I love movies, music and art. I love to cook and bake and quite frankly, eat. My humble opinion is that people who say they don’t like to eat are lying. And I am also very geeky and enjoy many shows, books, games etc that fall into that category. And I write sometimes.

These are my views, my experiences and things that matter to me. I know that there are other opinions, experiences and things that matter that are quite different from what I know. I welcome and encourage your comments and opinions on what I write for that reason. It is not my intent to change how others see things, but if there is something I have learned, it is that the ideas of others help me think and grow as an individual. So please leave feedback here, or if you would prefer, e-mail me at far786@yahoo.com. And thank you for taking the time to experience my “orange peels”.


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