5 comments on “Why Animals are Awesome and People, Not So Much; An Angry Post About Language, Marginalization and Other Stupid Human Tricks

  1. This is my favorite Orangepeel blog yet! Brilliant and elequantly written!!! Write on Farheen!!!! You have a gift …so glad you are using it! 😊

  2. Great response! My grandmother, born on the Iowa/Illinois border circa 1905, spoke only German until after 4th grade. Her older sister had to interpret for her.

    • Hi Ron! Thanks for commenting! I think it is really interesting to note how quickly people forget that this is a nation made up mainly of immigrants and their descendents. Many people have family members who are not too far removed from them, who spoke a different native language. I sometimes wonder if even my siblings remember that I didn’t speak English until I went to school.

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