10 comments on “My Time in Library Exile: A story of anguish, rage and sour grapes turned sweet again

  1. Highlighted mistakes, only two.

    I have to say this is the best blog yet, for me that is. Since I can relate to the library, having used them before, haha. I can’t say I have been banned, but I have paid fines and actually still
    Owe the library about $10. Ikes. But I shall pay in due time. If I didn’t know my precious Farheenie so well, I would find the story unbelievable. But what a story it is. Thank you for
    Sharing your amazing tale, and happy reading.

    P.S. Great picture!!!!! Such a nerd, hahahahhh

    Love Jim

  2. What a wonderful remembrance! And what a testament to the power that libraries have to literally change lives. I am so glad I came upon this–thank you for sharing! (The names of the towns you mention are very familiar to me-I have the feeling we are from the same area!)

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