One comment on “Requiescat in pace, Americam.

  1. Thanks as always for your thoughtful posts, Farheen. I was so sorry to see the ignorance displayed by people attacking those wearing head scarves or turbans or who looked like they were from the Middle East right after 9/11 and also in the recent attack on the Sikh community in Milwaukee. It’s another case of fearing what we don’t understand, but it certainly doesn’t make it right. The political rhetoric spouted then and now certainly doesn’t help either. There have been efforts to educate people about Islam, but more is certainly needed.

    As a librarian, I’ve been horrified to see the USA PATRIOT act chip away at our civil liberties.

    I think it’s Malcolm Gladwell who talks about our fears in in terms of what we think we can control and what we really can’t control. We take great pains to control what we think we can but don’t always see how remote the possibility is for that to happen. The fear level after 9/11 was such that people seemed a lot more willing to give up freedoms to try to control their own fears of getting on an airplane and having a terrorist take over the plane. It’s not like terrorists hadn’t ever done this before, but the fear trumped our sense that this happened so seldom, especially in the U.S. Are we safer on planes now? I doubt it. More plane crashes are caused by pilot error, miscommunication and equipment malfunction than by terrorists.

    Your last paragraph was really moving, and I second it. But I also think America was naive to think that terrorist acts would never happen here and we learned a hard lesson because of it.

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