2 comments on “An admission.

  1. Hi Farheen. Welcome to Biblioholics Anonymous. The first step is admitting your addiction. The second step is … well, I never reached the second step.

    Ron and I don’t go to bookstores every Friday night since Borders closed, but we still spend a lot of free time in book places. I work with books and read about books and read books and still love them. But working in a library is much easier on my wallet than working at Borders was. On vacation on a tiny Caribbean island in a small SCUBA diving resort, we ran into another librarian. Guess what we talked about? : )

    And good choice buying Persepolis. Hope you post what you think of it.

    Chris Edison

  2. Hi, my name is Suzzi and I’m an addict.
    I completely understand and relate with you. I steer clear of most book stores because I could and would buy them all. There are so many books I want to read, own and collect. Addiction is the best term for what we have.
    I’m a book addict and I’m proud!!

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