2 comments on “I live in a cave…

  1. At Ohio State, a Philosophy 101 class took place an hour before my Classical Mythology course in the same auditorium. I’d usually get there 15-20 minutes early and eavesdrop on the Philosophy class. They seemed to spend their time building elaborate castles in the air and then arguing about them. This cured me of any possible interest I had in philosophy. When I meet someone who says they majored in it, I have serious doubts about their sanity.

    • I have that same thought when I meet people with just philosophy degrees. Philosophy along with something else is acceptable. But just philosophy? No thanks. My problem is that I feel philosophers just sit and think and don’t do anything else. And then sit and do nothing and talk about it. I am always doing something when I am thinking about things. And I am usually doing something while I talk about what I am thinking too. I think if philosophers multi-tasked, I would appreciate them more.

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