4 comments on “Random… For February.

  1. Hi Farheen,
    I am loving your idea of “reverse Colonialism”, I am going to ponder this for awhile. Perhaps this has sparked something in me as well. Considering I am of a Native American Indian ancestry I can begin to see the validity of such a point of view. Thanks for sparking my interest…

    • Dane… Don’t go stealing my idea! 😛 Just kidding my friend. In fact I would love to get your viewpoint on my observation. My first semester at EC, I took Principles of Lit Theory and we were talking about Fanon and his “Wretched of the Earth” and I expressed my thoughts and all the young whipper-snappers were all up in arms about how I was a racist and how there is no comparison, etc. While I always welcome an opposing viewpoint and lively discussion, I felt attacked and outraged. So I never brought it up again, even when I was in Post Colonial lit. Anway thanks for commenting!

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