3 comments on “Five reasons I would love to be a Borg.

  1. Farheen, your name and your mocha skin are awesome and unique to you, I admire you for that! I think Borgness would offer some things,but in return too much Farheen would be lost and the world, scratch that, the balance of the universe would be thrown off. Although Borg is a medium I think we all have considered as an alternative, a 15 megapixel camera is a fair compromise. Nice thought though!

    • Dane, I thank you for such a sweet comment. I have a really good camera in my phone and have been trying to take take pictures as I see them with it, I have found that driving down I355 trying to snap a picture is not a good idea. Although there is no law against it 😉

      In all seriousness, I find that sometimes what I see with my eyes in an instant cannot be captured by a camera. Sometimes it is because the subject can change in a second. Sometimes it is the just the essence of something. If I could take pictures with my eyes, I could possible inject some of what I am seeing and feeling into the image.

      Ah well. Such is life.

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