2 comments on “Disney movies I’ve seen lately Part 1: Beauty and the Beast, Friday January 13, 2012

  1. This post is so true… and who would have thought that looking back on B&B as an adult, it is full of such complex moral messages. It was always my favourite disney, especially the “Be my guest” song and the huge ballroom with all those starlit floor to ceiling windows… it must have looked awesome at the imax. Shame about the teenagers though… eek. Why don’t disney make films like this anymore? I remember there was a whole run of masterpieces… Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin… and then Lion King came along and it all went down hill… Or maybe I just became too teenage to appreciate it! Great post.

    • Ah! I knew I was forgetting a point and it was in regard to service and hospitality which is another theme I liked! Thanks for bringing that up!

      The teens weren’t so bad. We all bonded over our love of Beauty in the Beast. But there was a moment after the movie where a teenager said to me that the movie came out in 1991 and I said, I was a freshman in high school and she said, I wasn’t even born yet. Old age… its all fun and games until it happens to you 😛

      And I agree on the Disney movies. Lion King was good but since it was basically Hamlet in the Serengeti, Disney can’t really take the credit. I still can’t watch when Mufasa dies though. I cry like a baby… In any event, they certainly don’t make them like they used to.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Much appreciated!

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