6 comments on “Summer… I long for you, my love…

  1. OK, right now I’m thinking of George R. R. Martin’s GAME OF THRONES where summer can last ten years and winter can be a lifetime. I don’t know how that affects the biology of his world, but a ten-year summer appeals to me. And a ten-year winter? I’d just move to where the summer is.

    • Its literal in their world but doesn’t it sometimes feel like that in this one? Its been winter officially for a day yet I feel like I have been dwelling in utter darkness and cold for weeks. I am never moving to Alaska but am seriously considering running away to SoCal…

  2. Your post conjured up memories of winters back home. They made me a bit melancholy for the beautiful winters of the Midwest. I found myself lost in your words, walking through bare, snow covered trees; sharing their solitude and the emptiness of their branches. I could feel the wind brush against my cheeks, my fingers beginning to numb and my toes questioning if they were in the warm house socks I wear nightly. It gave me a shiver. Nice. . .
    However, I am glad to be here in Phoenix where there is only a 2% chance of snow in the winter and only every now and again I can feel that Midwest like wind slide it’s icy tendrils across my face. Yet the bright Southwest sun warms my me and the only reminders that we are in December are the calendars and the holiday decorations. I would ask you again to move here (mainly because I miss you terribly) but I know your heart is there in Chicago. Love you, my friend.

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