4 comments on “A rose by any other name? I don’t think so…

  1. When it comes to foreign languages, foreign names, and even their own language, many Americans are morons. And truth be told, many American second and third generation sons and daughters are disgracefully ignorant of their own roots. I’m glad you take pride in your name and make the effort to educate others instead of dumming it down to something common that an American can handle. But you can bet that if ‘Farheen’ ever becomes the name of a soap opera character or pop star diva, hospital birthing rooms will be filled with Farheen O’Briens, Farheen Abromowitzes, and Farheen Kowalskis.

    • Farheen Abromowitz! I think thats awesome! Seriously though Ron, I am about 99% sure I will not end up wedding some Indo-Pak dude since most of my beaus have not been of my origin. That being said, I could end up having a name like that myself! LOL!

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